Nigeria is a nation at a crossroads. It is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, but the right choices need to be made to turn them into health, wealth and progress for all its people. Poor leadership over much of the past 50 years has wasted time and opportunity to make that progress. We can not afford 50 more directionless years.

The obvious challenges that we face are not difficult things to fix, it is only the will to do them that has been lacking. Electricity, water and roads are not the challenges of the 21st century; they're the solved problems of the twentieth! We need leadership with vision, prepared to ask difficult questions of themselves and of us, and then chart a bold path toward a bright future.

We need to secure the lives and property of all Nigerian citizens. We need to revitalize dormant industries and encourage the birth of new ones. We need to restore our institutions to world standard—and then raise the standard. We need government that works. We need to make merit and excellence the global reputation of Nigeria. We need to aggressively educate, prepare, train and engage our youth. They are our future.

We have work to do.

That is why I am here. My name is Remi Sonaiya, and I want your vote for President of Nigeria. Let me work for you.