KOWA Party hereby publishes its ideology, for the benefit of the enquiring public.

A two-pronged ideology underlies and drives KOWA Party’s conception of governance and its translation into social and political action: Social Welfare and Modernism. (The understanding is that politics exists for the welfare of the people, and that the underdevelopment of the nation can be overcome through modernization.)

The KOWA Party conception of Social Welfare is firmly rooted in the notions of justice, equality and fairness, which together constitute the bedrock of a stable and prosperous society. In particular, Social Welfare both derives from and implies the following:

- That ALL Nigerians are truly born equal and must be treated as such. This means that every citizen will enjoy equal rights and opportunities, with nobody accorded special privileges or discriminated against merely on the basis of birth, gender, religion, ethnicity or social status.  

- A KOWA government recognizes that it is under a moral obligation to use the nation’s common wealth to ensure that all citizens are cared for, especially those who cannot take care of themselves (e.g., orphans, the elderly, the handicapped, the destitute).

- A KOWA government further recognizes that a moral obligation is equally placed on public officers to commit themselves to a lifestyle marked by simplicity. A country which scores abysmally low on almost every single development index must devote its resources primarily to infrastructural development and the provision of long-denied social services.

- In order to ensure that all Nigerian citizens live in relative comfort and dignity, a KOWA government will ensure a just and equitable use of the nation’s wealth. This automatically translates into a low cost of governance, such that the benefits accruing to the nation from the resources with which it is endowed will be enjoyed by ALL, and not just a small minority that is in government.

Given the apparent inability of successive governments to achieve a high standard of living for the generality of its people in spite of a multiplicity of programs, visions and agenda, KOWA Party embraces Modernism as a tool to drive rapid development and will seek to promote it in various ways, for example:

- A scientific (i.e. knowledge-based), result-oriented approach to governance will be adopted, where the problems confronting the society are made to be addressed by people who possess the relevant competences and skills to do so, in line with global best practices.

- The need to transform Nigeria’s economy from a consumer-oriented one (based primarily on importation) into a producing one will require a fundamental re-orientation of all sectors of the society, and the education sector will be the arrow-head of this transformation.

- Finally, a KOWA government will engage with the Nigerian public on seeking to bring to an end age-old cultural and traditional practices which degrade the human person.

*All of the above, needless to say, leaves absolutely no room for corruption or graft.